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Canadian University Students

Thousands of university students from Saudi Arabia remain in Canada despite being ordered out of the country by their government last August, and planning is underway to mitigate the impact on Canadian universities when those students graduate and are not replaced.   

5/21/2019 2:00:00 AM

High Level Fire

An out-of-control wildfire burning near a town in northwestern Alberta is rated at the highest possible danger level, and the dry, windy weather means the danger is expected to increase this week, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says.

5/21/2019 7:49:23 AM

Ont Vegan Firefighter 20190521

An Ontario firefighter alleges his human rights were violated when he wasn't provided sufficient vegan food while battling a massive blaze in British Columbia.

5/21/2019 1:15:10 PM

NS Coal Plants 20190430

Canada is among the leaders in the world when it comes to phasing out the use of coal for power generation, according to a recent report that shows the country drastically reduced coal supply over a five-year period.

5/21/2019 3:31:35 PM


Ontario Premier Doug Ford was met with a chorus of boos and sparse applause as he took the stage at the Collision tech conference on Tuesday — the same day that news broke that the province slashed $24 million in artificial intelligence research.

5/21/2019 4:29:01 PM

Ken Pereira youtube

Ken Pereira will run in the federal election for the People's Party of Canada, the new political party led by Maxime Bernier. He claims the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States were a false flag operation to justify new wars.

5/21/2019 7:44:19 AM

John Wright

For six long months, John Wright found himself in and out of the emergency room, with confusing, debilitating pain. He was starting to lose hope when a tropical diseases specialist finally identified the culprit.

5/21/2019 3:49:00 PM

old crow scene

Officials in the Yukon's most northern community have declared a state of emergency, saying the traditional way of life in Old Crow is under threat.

5/21/2019 3:30:08 PM

sam and cammy boucher

The body of Samuel Boucher, one of the three missing travellers in the Northwest Territories, was retrieved from a large area of open water on Monday morning, according to a RCMP news release Tuesday afternoon.

5/21/2019 5:26:05 PM

Zoo St. Edouard

Normand Trahan, owner of the St-Édouard Zoo in central Quebec, is facing criminal charges after roughly 100 animals were seized at the facility.

5/21/2019 9:47:12 AM