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Derek, Zoe and Emilie Muth

When Derek and Emilie Muth left Calgary to adopt their daughter Zoe in Nigeria last fall, they had no idea that nearly a year later — after a terrifying medical ordeal and the onset of a global pandemic — they'd still be stuck abroad with no word on when they can come home.

9/23/2020 6:00:00 AM

COVID Que 20200921

The recent surge in coronavirus cases is sparking debate around what the appropriate response should be and questions about how to keep the economy open while reducing community spread of the virus. 

9/23/2020 7:04:25 AM

COVID Que 20200422

An investigation into one of the province's hardest-hit long-term care homes, CHSLD Herron, has concluded it suffered from "organizational negligence." The report was released alongside another into CHSLD Sainte-Dorothée, which was also ravaged by COVID-19. 

9/23/2020 2:47:57 PM

Aurora Sky

The CEO of Aurora Cannabis plans to overhaul the company after massive losses during the last fiscal year.

9/23/2020 12:05:52 PM

Shutterstock - Huge file

Airbnb is launching a new program for cities and tourist organizations aimed at helping them ensure compliance with local rules.

9/23/2020 2:47:38 PM


Richard Dewey with Ocean Networks Canada explains how particulate matter from burning forests actually helps, rather than harms, ocean ecosystems.

9/23/2020 2:10:14 PM

Downed tree Teddy

The former hurricane Teddy arrived in Nova Scotia as a post-tropical storm on Wednesday morning, bringing plenty of wind and rain for the province but paling in comparison to infamous past storms.

9/23/2020 4:13:38 AM

Reginald Fisher

A Ridgetown woman thinks she may have seen the flares fired by Reginald Fisher the night he vanished on Lake Erie, but when she reported it to the Coast Guard, it was dismissed because an official thought what she saw was another rescue operation taking place simultaneously, farther out on Lake Erie.

9/23/2020 4:00:00 AM


The surge in Quebec coronavirus infections is different from the first wave this past spring, and the key question this fall is: how do you keep things open while COVID-19 is spreading in the community? 

9/23/2020 3:00:00 AM

Supreme Court of Canada file CP

After two days of hearing arguments for and against the federal government's carbon tax, the Supreme Court of Canada adjourned today without a decision.

9/23/2020 8:31:50 AM