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Trudeau Premiers 20230207

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday the government is prepared to increase health-care spending by an eye-popping $196.1 billion over the next decade — a cash injection the government is pitching as a generational fix for an ailing system.

2/7/2023 2:01:27 PM


The man who made dozens of hoax calls to staff at the care home that would later record Canada's first death from COVID-19 has been sentenced for his "elaborate, dangerous and damaging deception," though he won't serve any more time beyond bars for the crime.

2/7/2023 1:52:43 PM

Chasing Horse Arrest-Nevada

The Dances With Wolves actor facing sexual assault charges in B.C. and Nevada is now accused of offences in Alberta.

2/7/2023 3:43:34 PM

Roxham Road

Re-ticketing in New York City is not shocking or surprising, advocates in Montreal say. But getting a job is often not as easy as the migrants think and overburdened community services are struggling to handle everyone crossing into Canada.

2/7/2023 3:48:05 PM

Red Cross Hurricane Fiona response largest for organization in Canadian disaster history Image 1

New numbers released by the Canadian Red Cross show the organization provided assistance to nearly 100,000 households, more than any other natural disaster in Canada.

2/7/2023 1:50:04 PM


Two teen girls who are charged with second-degree murder in connection with what police have called a "swarming" attack on Toronto man Ken Lee in December have been denied bail.

2/7/2023 3:11:22 PM

Dr. Albert de Villiers

The former chief medical officer of health for British Columbia's Interior region has been found guilty of repeated sexual offences against a young Alberta boy.

2/7/2023 12:52:36 PM

First-Nations-Health 20230207

First Nations leaders are denouncing the prime minister's pledge to advocate for Indigenous people during health-care talks with premiers this week — offered in lieu of an actual seat at the table — as an insult.

2/7/2023 1:52:58 PM

Viola Leger's sisters

A funeral was held Tuesday morning at Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption Cathedral in Moncton for Acadian senator, actor and cultural icon Viola Léger.

2/7/2023 3:17:20 PM

Yellowknife city hall stairs

A bargaining update sent to some union workers Tuesday around 11 a.m., which CBC has obtained a copy of, states that the city has informed the union it is unable to budge on wages, "amongst other things."

2/7/2023 1:07:34 PM